Friday, November 23, 2012

Fairy Tales, Fairy Tales...everywhere!

Just like in my blog: Stop Teasing....Let The Inhumane Get Some!, where all my wishes came true and I got what I wanted, the same goes with Fairy Tales.

In this modern day and age where  technology reigns and fantasies are limitless on the screen, everything that everyone had ever thought of, has ever dreamed of, has ever wished for, is being brought to life.

I've been watching Once Upon A Time and Grimm, and these two TV series keep my eyes glued. I like to record them, pile them up to about three episodes, and then....gorge!!!!!  If I had to actually wait every-single-darn-week, I wouldn't be too interested, to tell you the truth. But since I can watch the story lines consecutively, I'm hooked!

I'm not sure how long Grimm will last, but I do so enjoy the intrigue of the royal families' internal games and assassinations, and the really sexy prince, Captain Sean Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) that I had to raise my eyebrow at when he was on Caprica. It's those eyes and those eyelashes...oh my!! And then, when he gave a kiss to Juliette when she was in that coma...yeah. I had to now focus on his lips as well. Hubba. Hubba.

I also think Monroe, you know the wolf guy (Blutbad), the comic relief of the show...yeah...he's sexy too. I know. I know. He's silly and awkward looking, but I LIKES him. There's something about him that  makes me say, "Oh yeah! Sexy. Sexy." He's silly/nerdy, he's heartfelt, he's vicious! All the things I like. I Likey. I Likey.  This is an acting role that's making him shine, I think, and I hope he continues to get that spotlight.  For me, if it wasn't for his character, Grimm wouldn't be as much fun to watch.

I do hope we get more Hexenbiests on the show, though. They were scary and beautiful--a great combination for evil. And we like it when they're nice to look at and also like to rip out hearts.

And speaking of ripping out hearts, how we do like the Evil Queen (played by Lana Parrilla) in Once Upon A Time. She has those cute cheeks (that aren't rosy like Snow White's but cute nonetheless), and those perky little lips. Her smile can melt rose petals, and her tearful eyes filled with pain and anger are simply striking. I think I've mentioned it before, but I do so love evil characters that have a  background on why they became they way they did. Some are just prone for revenge when their hearts are broken, and they don't care who they hurt because they were hurt too. Yet, they seem to not have an "off switch" and just keep going. Hurting others.

I do love the slight twists of the fairy tales in Once Upon A Time, especially about Rumpelstiltskin who is Mr. Gold in the real world (played by Robert Carlyle). For him to also be The Beast for Belle in the twisted tale of Beauty and the Beast....that was an episode that would steal anyone's heart. "Skin Deep" (Season 1/Episode 12) was the best story yet to be told. I want to just keep that one hour episode in my pocket, and take it out when I'm in that romance type of mood.

And what about those lips on Prince Charming, eh? Oh yeah!!!! For something kissable, and a role that has a character that needs a lot of kissing, those of the lips one dreams of. Played by Josh Dallas, he's one convincing Prince for me!

And my cutie is Jiminy Cricket, played by Raphael Sbarge. His red hair and cute smile is just adorable! Too bad in Storybrooke he has to be a insect.

I'm definitely looking forward to the nun, Astrid, who is the clumsy fairy named Nova (played by Amy Acker from my favorite TV Series Angel), and Grumpy's (the town drunk, Leroy, in the real world) budding romance. I do hope they go back to their story. A love, not quite completed, is a hurtful thing indeed.

I haven't said much about the leading, and main, characters (Emma Swan, Henry Mills, etc.), because I see those around them being much greater. Yet, I wish that Red Riding Hood (played by Meghan Ory) would have a love of her own.

Again, my wishes come true, and I love the way fairy tales are being written and rewritten and incorporated into our "real" lives. Because I write along with those types of stories, of fairy tales, and I believe in the "Happily Ever After".  I'm so hooked on stories such as these. To show the dark side of life, and the "reality-prone" actions of those that surrounds you, does put that shadow-of-a-doubt that anything of light in stories could be real. Yet, the story is told and retold, which has to mean something!  We want those happily ever afters, and we love to watch them and hope. A mixture of reality and fairy tale is the perfect match for me, and I hope that it can be in your life, and mine, one day...if the right balance is achieved.

Until Next Time!

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