Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Signs of the Universe

When something happens that's uncanny or unexpected or can't be defined or explained, we usually say these things:

"It's a Small World!"
"Huh. Fathom that?"
"I had a feeling that..."
"What a coincidence!"
"Déjà vu."
"Something told me to..."
"What's the odds of that!"
"Speak of the Devil..."
"That's weird. I was just thinking about..."

At one time or another, we've all experienced something odd to some degree. And it makes me wonder, sometimes, "What does that mean?"  Heck, we have defintions and even statements of things that we don't even believe in. I mean, who came up with the word "aura". Why would someone even THINK of such a thing?

You can't see it!

We experience these weird occurances in our lives all the time--something actually real and can be felt. Yet, we write them off, or shrugg them off, or turn away from these things as if they were just "things that happen."

Why do we do that?
Is these happenings THAT SCARY?
I think so.

Something that can't be defined or explained is very scary. We don't have control over it. It "just happens". For those who are a bit more brave, they may add further statements of definitions like: "The Powers that be" or "The Universe". Other's define it with dieties: god or devil.

No matter what the something is, we all know about it, or are at least aware of it.

I, myself, kind of like the Signs of the Universe. It keeps things interesting. We need a few things to shake up the mundane in our lives now and then; to wake us up; give us an eyebrow lift.

Sometimes signs helps us avoid a bad situation, or helps us make a good decision.

Your body definitely gives you signs!

If you're working too hard, you get sick so that you can rest.  You might get migraines if things are not going right in your life and your body is forcing you to make the RIGHT decision so that you won't be in pain anymore. Not discussing fear in these next examples, but sometimes you might break out in hives, or get a belly ache, or experience anxiety for NO REASON, and that is telling you something as well.

There are road signs from the Universe -- EVERYWHERE -- to help us out while we travel the road of life.

If only we would listen....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hooking Up? Uh...No, no thanks..And I MEAN IT!

You know, when I was single, I just wanted to find THE ONE, but for some reason, I kept running into a slew of people who just wanted to HOOK UP.

Even when I wrote in on my profile that I wasn't interested in the "Come Over" type, it was still misinterpreted that I was saying "no" only temporary and will be saying YES at the end.

Uh. No.

When I said I want to meet in the public arena for a date, that means just that. When I said, "No, you're not coming over," or "No, I'm not interested in meeting at your place" I meant just that. When I tell you that I'm not into the "Can I come over" type of person, I meant just that. When I said I'm NOT going to sleep with you on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or whenever date, I meant JUST THAT!

Why, even today, I'm on a site that is MORE than just a place to "hook up". I can also network there. However, I've been told "YOU NEED TO GET OFF THE SITE" because I happen to respond to an email with a question, or I followed up on what I "thought" was a genuine question to my interest in writing and my books. But because I "responded" to the email, that immediately gave the impression that I wanted to Hook Up?


That wasn't a legitimate question you asked in the email then, right? Really? And my response pissed you off because YOU weren't sincere in your email, or you couldn't read my sincere intent on asking a question in response to your email. Really?

Why am I getting misinterpreted time and time again? I mean, I state very clearly my intention in the response, and even repeat that I'm not looking for anything more than just what I stated, and that I'm just answering your question, or asking one in turn, yet still I get these PEOPLE who can't seem to read a response for its LITERAL meaning!

These occurrences are on sites where it is clearly NOT only for dating, but for community thoughts and interests and job findings as well.

I don't get it.

Has the world gone so much insane that plain, written down English isn't "exactly" what a person means?

Have people said, "No," which then turned to "Yes," that often, and done it so much, that NO ONE believes you when you actually mean "No"?

That's kind of scary actually. Wow.

Even those "Christian" sights for finding "The One" is just as bad, no even worse, than those dating sights that aren't. People are there, on a "Christian" online dating site, trying to get their horizontal dance on!


Has online sites actually turn to more than just "finding The One" but into a big orgy for the world instead? Is internet really just for porn, like Avenue Q sings about?

Back in the day, when there were just a select few people online, and those were the geeks--those who knew how to work on a computer, write a sensible sentence, and enjoy intellectual conversation, I liked the environment much better. There wasn't much misinterpretation, and what someone wanted and didn't want was plainly understood. There was no back-lashing of insults if someone just wasn't interested in what you wanted. It was more of a: "Okay. Thank You," or "Sorry to bother you" ... a lot more courtesy back then in the early 1990s--the AOL days.

But today, there can be someone who claims to have two or three degrees, but type like someone who's in elementary, and can't seem to understand literal typed meanings AND they want to HOOK UP!

Huh? I don't get it.

I guess you can say I could just stop responding to emails, and/or change sites. But what if you've been on that site for years and you like what it does and stands for? What if someone really was legitimate in their day? I would miss out. I guess I just have to wait out these slew of wolves and hunters and allow them to parade on by, eventually finding something or someone or some other site of interest to devour--just wait for the wave to change as it always does.

Sigh. I tell ya. The world has gone mad!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacation to play Diablo III? Uh huh...

So, yep, I got a gamer (i.e. hubby) who's taking a 3-day vacation to play Diablo III. Well, actually it's a 3.5 day vacation, because he started playing tonight (Tues), and will be off the next three days (Wed, Thurs, Fri). He picked up his pre-ordered copy today.

"Look. Look," he said with a HUGE GRIN, holding up this large box as soon as I came walking in the door from work. And I looked at this box and I'm thinking, What the heck's in there! All that for a CD?

We'll apparently the gamer (i.e. hubby) got the collector edition. It comes with all sorts of goodies: an artistic book, a USB stick with Diablo II on it (with a very nice holder, I might add, with a Soul Stone stuck in Diablo's head), some invites for friends to come and join you in this parade of gaming, a soundtrack and some added background information (Behind The Scenes and the Cinematics) on the game on a Blu-Ray disk, also with DVD of both.

The movies are I N C R E D I B L E!!

I took a picture of this huge box, sitting next to my Stargate coaster. It's a pretty nice box.

The gamer (i.e. hubby) also wanted me to review the book with art, which he knew I would like. And let me say, I flipped gradually through the pages and eyed all sorts of imagination. The grotesque images on some of these demons were pretty cool. I like the faceless angels and the different way of depicting their wings. I really like the map, because that's my thing that I'm partial to about books--maps inside books...I just LOVE.

The book even mentions one female character, which they wanted to emphasize her strength and courage, and not all the "sexy" qualities about her. Hmm... Now, THAT was different. But, I do say I like the sexy in the games, and so do Gamers. They do give that sexy-stuff with some other female characters, as well as a naked Harpie type of thing--nipples showing and all.

For three-minutes when the Gamer (i.e. hubby) walked away to tend to house chores, I took the PC mouse and moved the character around a bit. I just love the detail of these games! The Gamer (i.e. hubby) doesn't look at all of that. He wants to immediately "level up" and kill! kill! kill!  I like to view the art and the details painted and drawn inside houses and on characters and the food sitting on tables. Unfortunately, this game is similar to those where you can't zoom in to get all that nice detail in full, but it's clear enough. I like to get close in personal...and maybe one day, they will make all games like that. You know, give that option for those who like that.

The only frustration about the game, just for now, is that you have to have internet connection at ALL TIME to play, and the servers get FULL! The swarm of Gamers are, basically, overloading the system, and that was definitely expected since that, of course, happened during the free Beta testing that was available during a weekend in April. The forums are overloaded and slow, slow, slow, too.  The patient, but anxiously waiting, Gamer, gets kicked out of his game occasionally as they work on servers (they give an announcement with a count-down...which you better heed or you'll loose all your stuff!). He also has to wait for newly created characters to save on the server as well...a long wait for him. But once he's in, it works great, and he can keep his spot for a few hours of gaming!

Eventually, the activity on the servers will level out. This bottle-neck right now will ease up. That's the way these things go when they're new.

Needless to say, I'll be a gaming widow for the next several weeks, even though the gamer (i.e. hubby) took a 3-day vacation start to enjoy his fantasy world.

I can understand that. I'm in a fantasy world EVERY SINGLE DAY, with my stories in my head and wishful thinking of this and that of the fantastic. Writers fantasize daily!

It's always fun to be taken out of this world, and take that carpet ride to A Whole New World.

And Gamers's got it like that!

Until Next time :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Apologies Will Slowly Kill You

I just love how the characters on Spartacus say, "Apologies." It sounds so cute and...proper.

But, really, one needs to only accept, "I'm sorry," only so many times.

My limit is three (3). Depending on what the apology is, sometimes I can only go up to two (2)--especially if it's about the SAME THING.

If someone does it once, that can be forgiven, but if they do it a SECOND time, the same exact thing...well, that goes into premeditated, and intentional.

It's really beneficial to yourself to stay away, and run far, far away, from those who keep apologizing to you.

Apologies should MEAN something, just like a PROMISE. If someone apologizes to you, it should be sincere and it's supposed to be a promise that it won't happen again. At least, that's how it should be.

It doesn't mean anything if it's constantly REPEATED!

And if you're the one who is constantly hearing it, don't you know that it's sucking the life out of you? Yeah, they're like Vampires, draining you drop by drop of your life blood.

"I said I was sorry!"

Uh Huh. Don't you feel the fangs digging in? Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

Ask yourself why you're tolerating being hurt and disappointed by this "person" constantly. I I put "person" in quotes, because they really aren't people anymore. They're life suckers!

Forget about their excuses on the reasons "why" they did it; forget about "how hard they had it in life;" forget about all the "woes is me" they put out there to make you feel bad (even if you DID do something wrong to them, you don't have to constantly try to make up for it. Did I say constantly? Yeah, Constantly, as in repeatedly, always happening again and again. Forgive yourself because their actions should tell you that they aren't ever going to forgive you); and forget "the consequences" that you think would come if you don't accept the sorries.

Free yourself from the chains that pull at your heart.

And yeah, it's gonna hurt, because we won't so much to believe that things will change...someday. And letting go is never easy.

But, MAN does it feel good after you do!

I'm sorry, but it will :)