Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stay Connected To Your Light

"Don't Worry, Be Happy!" Words that are repeatedly stated in the same verse as it's title name, are something worth thinking about. As sung by Bobby McFerrin, worrying just makes it double, so it's best to not worry... But, do what?

Get Busy With Staying Connected To Your Light!!

Start up that day-to-day plan on how you're gonna get yourself out of that rut. Identify what it is that's making you unhappy and figure out how to change to. Just worrying and mulling around on something doesn't make it go away. It just puts you in a very bad way.

Staying connected with your light is the same as staying, and doing things, that make you happy. And if you're not happy, then you have to figure out why and make the steps to change it.

Trying to get over that "someone"? Tell yourself, each day, not ever week, that you're not going to call him/her and put yourself to work doing something else. Make that list of what's not so perfect about him/her and concentrate on what will be perfect for YOU.

Overwhelmed with bills? Ask for some help. And I don't mean go borrowing money, but get some financial guidance. Search online for free advice (you're online now, so you have access to the internet to do so). Start by concentrating on the SMALLEST bill first to pay off and then use that money to put on to the next bill. This gives you a sense of accomplishing something.

Can't accomplish a goal? Figure out the reasons why and DON'T make them ole excuses. Planning is always the key to finishing. Step-by-step is the way to reach heights.

Need some more help on how to stay connected to your light and be happy? I highly, highly, highly, highly (did I say highly? Yep. I'll say it again...), HIGHLY, recommended this book: Getting A Success Change: How To Be Happy In A World Gone Mad by Ed Brodow.. I talked about it in my blog...."I Hate Self-Help Books" But....  It will wake you up and make you remember who you are and where you want to be.

It's dark out there. Having your own light is your only guide, and way, out!

Until Next Time!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stranger In Your House....Get Out!

You ever been that that heated discussion, or rather, argument where someone says to you, rather defiantly: "You don't know me!"

And you pause...a second.

And your response, having thought during that second, is that you've known this person over several years, or even raised this person, or married to this person, and they're claiming: "You don't know me!"

What does that actually mean?

What it means to "not know" something is to not to have knowledge about a certain, place, person or thing. And if this person is claiming that "you don't know" them, that means that they've been keeping some kind of knowledge from you. And if they're keeping something from you, then the next question is: Why?

I suppose, instead of saying, "Yes, I do! I've known you for such and such of amount of years!" Perhaps you should ask: "So, what are you saying? You keeping something from me?" And if the person chooses to bring you in on whatever it is, then you will know them again and closeness is re-established.  If they choose not too, and you hear them say this repeatedly to you, then...it's time to let go, and/or it's time to....

Throw That Stranger Out Your House!

No matter what we might think, people want to feel connected, and if you're not feeling a connection with whoever it is, then your house starts to feel COLD! It's time to WARM THING UP and make some changes and clean house.  Energy is wasted upon those who do not wish to share their heart, time, and entire Being with you. It feels a lot freer to point that energy towards those who you do connect with.

Trying to stay connected to a stranger, just keeps you in the dark and weighs you down.  It's best to look towards the lighter way of life--the life without so much weight of frustration, anger, confusion, and stress.

Let the dark stranger go, and you will feel your Fireworks!