Friday, January 4, 2013

The Hobbit... My Two Cents of My Preciousss!!

"If precious asks, and it doesn't answer, we eats it, my preciousss."

So, I watched the  2hr 46min‎ film, The Hobbit, the first weekend it was out. I was shocked that the theater wasn't filled to the rim with people--there was only about 15 people. My sister said there was a total of 4 people in her theater.  This surprised me because The Lord Of The Rings were so popular  What happened and why didn't any one want to see this movie?

Well, what I didn't know was that the film would only contain the first 6 Chapters. I hadn't done my research on it, and the title didn't state anything about Part 1 of 3 (and it does have 3 parts, which I learned later), though there was a subtitle of some of the chapters of the book that came up while viewing the movie. More epic films? Not that it was yet another movie divided up over three years was much of a problem for me, because what was covered in this movie, and how it ended, was a great, satisfying ending for me.

What I found out was that I do understand why some might find this movie boring, and I'm glad something happened that made me see this film in a different light. 

I had decided to prove to someone the WHY I had never read The Hobbit stories. I remember it going on and on and on and on and on and hardly ever getting to the action, the beef, of the story, and it kept explaining this and that and the other on what every species of character was being presented in the book. It was bloated.  So, I found the first few pages online (Like over here or here or here) and began reading it out loud. It proved my point on how it kept going on and on and on and on; and for books during that time, people had time to sit and enjoy reading every-single-descriptive-word-of-a-very-very-long-story and taking the time to be entertained in a world with so much detail and humor.

Readying those first few pages again...I'm SO glad I did that!

For the first few screens of The Hobbit (2012) was almost basically word-for-word from the few pages of the book that I read! The singing, the conversations, almost everything I read was verbatim! And because of that, I quite enjoyed the movie because it mentally set me up that I would be seeing a book-on-film, and I didn't have to read, and undergo, every word to get into the story.

My sister had wondered, "Heck! Was this a movie or a musical!" So, the singing portion confused her on what type of film it was supposed to be, and I explained that it was following the book...exactly. There was a lot of prose in the novel and that was also placed in film, which would really confuse those who didn't read those pages, and because I pridefully wanted to "show-off" on the WHY I never read the book, while watching the film after ready the few pages that I had read, it made me quite enjoy it even more... I enjoyed it!!

So, for those of you who are still on the fence of seeing The Hobbit, or those waiting for Netflix like I do sometimes for films, I suggest just reading a few pages first and you'll see what I mean. It will place you in the mindset of a novel and have you understand what the film was aiming at and why it was produced the way that it was.

It's all in the frame of mind.

(Oh! And before I end this post...I just LOVE Gollum, my precioussss!!!!" He was the highlight of the movie!!)

Until Next Time!