About Night Before Day

Night Before Day is a book publishing business...of One. Heh. Heh. Owned by Deana Zhollis and is thus titled because, thinking backwards, sometimes one has to go through the darkness to get to the light.

About Deana Zhollis

Since the day she set her eyes on the movie Gargoyles, made in 1972 (the year her birth), Deana Zhollis's (Dee-Anna Zol-liss) mind has been drifting with romance, power, love and/with unearthly Beings.

Mixing up her favorite things: Magic, Spirituality, the future mind, Aliens, Technology, Fairy Tales, Kisses and Fangs, she followed her path of story telling from childhood and on to her rite of passage to Science Fiction & Fantasy (even before she knew what it stood for!). Engulfed in the genre, she dreamed over and over the sizzling stories from forbidden darkness to "Happily Ever Afer" in the "adult" fashion with a twist. It's just much more fun to read!

Living in Houston, Texas, with her husband, her daughter and cat Garfield, she continues her journey to imagine and write her fanciful tales.