Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be Happy... Or Else!!

Yes, I've been on hiatus for a few reasons, and one of the reason was a recent cruise where I saw the MOST funniest thing!

I was celebrating this year, a year where I am now 40 years old, along with my sister and close girlfriend from High School who both will also be turning 40 this year.

While I was on the ship, I observed two young girls, sisters, somewhere around six and eight years of age. The eldest had her arm around her young sister's neck and pulling her along. The youngest protested loudly, of course (it look very uncomfortable indeed) and the eldest shushed her and said,

"Be Happy... Or Else!"

I had to literally cover my mouth from laughing!!

This reminded me of how so many times we put ourselves in situations, or are in situations, where we are actually very unhappy, very uncomfortable, and very discontent, but people tell us that we should be happy!

"You have this, or that or what have you should be happy!"
"You better be glad for..."
"Be satisfied with..."
"Don't do it..."
"Things could be worse..."
"You'll be sorry..."
"Fine, then! Don't listen to me..."
"Be happy...  Or..."

Be happy...Or Else! Or else what? Something worse will happen if we complain or try to break free from what is making us so miserable? Do we really know, really know, if "the else" would be worse? How would one know unless one finds out? Isn't that all about growing up and experiencing life?

My mom recently told me a story about myself when I was very young. I came running down the stairs one day, quite upset because I wanted to know why my brother could pee standing up and I couldn't?! Well, my mom referred me to my father to answer that uncomfortable question, and my father, seeming to always know what to say, told me, "Well, if it works for you, do it."

Well, I tried it and, of course, it didn't work for me, but at least I now knew, absolutely knew, the why.

How about asking those who warn you not to "do it" to be there for you if you find out you were wrong instead of saying, "I told you so"...? And if they say they won't be there for you, then... screw them! What are they really saying to you? Ask yourself if they are really displaying love. Do they really care for you? And why can't they show a little understanding and compassion?

I'm not referring to those who always seem to be right and you always seem to be wrong. Maybe then you need to listen and stop making the mistakes that they constantly tell you, you are making.  I'm talking about those life decisions that you just need to find out for yourself, and you know where you presently are is just not happy, and really, if it was suppose to be a "happy place" then you would be happy, right?

So what?! if where you end is worse or just as bad as where you've been, but at least your moving towards that end of where you really want to be. Make a decision and stick with it. And sticking with it is what will make the decision a right one. And then make a different one if it doesn't quite work out. At least you're not putting up with the stagnant position of where you are, but continue to make progress of where you want to be.

And, who knows, it might not be a mistake at all...and then what will the naysayers have to say?

Until Next Time!