Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is There A Soul In There...?!

Because I'm into the weird and strange; and anybody who's into vampires, werewolves, fairies, mermaids, and all those inhuman monsters, can find something about them attractive, tantalizing, or just simply AWESOME!

Am I the only one who got turned on by an ape in Planets of the Apes (2001)?
Huh? Yes? It's just me?  ... Oh.


Yeah, I thought that chimpanzee was just TOO SEXY! Or maybe because he was played by Tim Roth, and I found that little guy just SEXY!! Especially in that TV series Lie To Me.

And why am I talking about sexy monkey's?

Love works like that. You don't see anything ugly, wrong, disturbing, bad, or amiss with the object of your affection. And if that sounds strange or untrue to you, try seeing it in the point-of-view of a Beauty and the Beast, a favorite fairy tale of all time. And then there's the Princess and the Frog.

Nothing is too ugly, new, big or small, for the eyes of the beholder.

We can get hopelessly devoted to unordinary things, which makes a person want to sing!.

I think it's what's inside that counts...inside of ourselves that defines the outside.

It's what we view inside ourselves is what we project unto the object of our love and thus we are seeing with an "inner-eye" that makes us blind to what's on the outside.

Sometimes I think we blind that "inner-eye" so that we can't see what's exactly in front of us. Sometimes it is not blinded and we can see what really IS in front of us....and that's a good thing.

"Is there a soul in there?" General Thad questioned, while prying open a Human's mouth.

I would like to name it "soul" or a "holy spirit", when we actually SEE what's inside ourselves.

Either way, who we are in the inside, makes us who were are; and it also creates what, and who, surrounds our lives.

Keep that Lil'l Light burning...!!!!


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  2. Hello! Thank you for the soulful remark. And thanks for stopping by. ;)