Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to Tirna Magique!!

Got a novella up and ready for those hungry for a romantic short. It's a magical 150-page novel, thus it's called a novella because of it's short length. Filled with all the things I like about fantasy: dragons, dwarves, mermaids, and fairies, I quite enjoyed writing this heartfelt story.

Here's a summary of what this story entails:
With the Earth becoming uninhabitable, Humans are being evacuated. Thanks to the Gapie race who offered their homes to all willing Humans, life can continue on, but mostly in darkness. Transition to this new world, which only has four hours of sunlight, would take over twenty years. Earth is now in year twelve.

Only Alesa knows the true reason for the Gapie's "helping-hand", and she has plans of her own. But first, she must get her girlfriends to trust her, and that took a few years to do. Now, she would implement her plans and take her friends on an adventure that would change their lives, and their hearts, forever. 

So, there you have it! Just wanted to share that another romantica element has been added to my bookshelf store to engorge.

Check out Tirna Magique at the local online eBook of your choice (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) for less than a DOLLAR!

Until Next Time!