Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spartacus: A World Of Flesh And Heart

Spartacus. The pivotal of a man's show, for sure. A world filled with flesh and blood, pleasure and pain, deviousness and desires. All of it gets your blood on fire and your eyes widen for more.

A wondrous, sinful sight, for sure.

If certain laws were not in place, even Las Vegas would appear to the senses just like this world of Spartacus. City of Sin. Pulled away from the chains of morality and constraints of being virtuous, there is a surge of adrenalin in freedom.

To succumb to such delights can bring one to addiction, thus enslaving you for more and more until reaching an calamitous end where your life is snuffed out by someone who was harmed by your increasing greed and they sought, and fulfilled, their vengeance; or, you become indifferent and ultimately bored because you've done every delicious thing and thus your life no longer is aflame with its excitement.

Yet, within this world of pounding, moaning, slicing, moistness, roaring, screaming, squirting, romping, stroking, and luring: a pull to the heart of right and love exists. No matter how much flesh a man can have or want, there is always that ONE that turns him to something greater than what he could ever imagine. He craves for that particular woman. He'll turn the world over for that one person.
When a man loves a woman
Can't keep his mind on nothing else
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found
The song ,sung by Percy Sledge, defines the connection between man and woman when the mind, body, soul, and heart is entwined with, and for, another. One could only hope that the pull, that can not be turned away, to that other someone is of worth and goodness...or else suffering is eminent.

Love does conquer all, rather it is: right or wrong, good or evil, bliss or sorrow. And which ever way the pendulum sways for one human, the absorption of love is a power, a mastery over a force, that can rise or destroy anything in its path.

True Love is mostly seen by, and given to, those who have suffered through the darkest of hours. Only these types of people, those who've traveled that dark lane of life, are the chosen few who can truly recognize that brilliant light. It is always night, before the day.

If you're fated to know love's true essence...wield its power well.

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