Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oz Broke My Heart!

Oz the Great and Powerful (2012) film was definitely an eye opener for a broken heart.

For those who haven't seen it yet, please don't read this post because it would just give away the movie for you. Thus, I'll put that special word so that you can see.


Soooo.... anyone want to sing Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker song with me?

Your love has set my soul on fire, burnin' out of control
You taught me the ways of desire, now it's takin' its toll
You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be

You're a heartbreaker
Dream maker, love taker....

Yep, that's what Oz was. A heart breaker. And what did he say about making those women fall in love with him and using them and breaking their hearts? Yep. She'll get over me..just like the others.

Heartless! A Heart of Stone Coldness.

But there's a lesson to be learned from watching this film. One should not give you heart away so quickly. And also that old saying: Beware Of Those Bearing Gifts!

I know that everyone wants to believe, so strongly, about love and how it comes like a Cupid's Arrow, and "love at first sight" does exist, and Charming is there to sweep us off our feet; but there are also those predators that use those hopeful hearts as well.

Oz was not only cute and charming, he gave his "grandmother's music box" to every female he wanted to shag. He even gave them job opportunities and a lovely dance.

These women meant nothing to Oz and he shrugged off any thoughts of actually hurting them as if it was their own faults for falling for such smoke and mirrors.

Yet...even HE had his heart filled with someone, but could not give it to her because he knew he would only cause her misery. Auntie Em chose the right man, though she truly loved that carnival magician.

Then, that undeserving thing happens. That heartbreaker actually PICKS someone. And that lingering question always come about with those who so love that heartbreaker. Why did SHE get him? What did SHE do that I didn't? Why did he pick HER!?

That famous, notorious, question... and no one seems to know that answer except the heartbreaker, who doesn't give much of answer when he's asked.  

What is certain is that a road must be followed and things must take place. For he must have his heart warmed, first by someone loyal (a bellhop monkey), then by someone in need (very delicate china doll), and then face himself and his trespasses (the evil witch). When this road is completed, then, SHE appears. 

For SHE just happens to be The One. And only SHE, who already knew what kind of man he was, who could see him for who he actually is, could he love. For SHE was never broken by him.

SHE was simply fated to be with him.

Simply put.

Sometimes we can't have the man we love because we just aren't made up to be his. 

But we are made up to be another's.

Until Next Time!

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